Tactical Logistic Solutions

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Tactical Logistic Solutions

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Tactical Logistic Solutions

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Tactical Logistic Solutions

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Who we are and what we do

As a full-service global logistics provider, Tactical Logistics Solutions delivers efficient, hassle-free end-to-end logistics solutions - ensuring your freight arrives on time and perfectly intact.

  • Freight forwarding

    Tactical handles freight globally by air, ocean, rail, and truck for the world's leading brands. We combine powerful software and dedicated experts to give you accountability, peace of mind, and control over your supply chain.

  • Custom Clearance

    Tactical's team of licensed customs brokers ensures your goods clear customs, while helping you comply with all relevant rules and regulations at both origin and destination.

  • Container Drayage

    Cut costs and sidestep time-consuming obstacles with our exclusive container drayage services.

  • Warehousing

    We operate two full-service warehousing facilities and distribution centers, centrally located in the two busiest ports in the US - New Jersey and California.

  • Domestic Trucking

    With innovative tracking tools and a network of high-qualified trucking partners in every region we operate, Tactical is optimized to get your cargo safely to destinations on both domestic and international shipments.

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About us

As an established global logistic solutions provider, Tactical specializes in providing clients with world-class supply chain management functions, including domestic and international transportation and warehousing services.  With a prime focus on developing, implementing and maintaining supply chain solutions, Tactical boasts end-to-end logistics designed for maximum flexibility and cost efficiency, allowing clients to outsource all or specific parts of their supply chain requirements.  Featuring a highly experienced management team with decades of collective experience in the logistics industry – and the latest automated technology to streamline the overall process – Tactical stands ready to uphold its reputation as your trusted partner for providing timely deliveries.