About Us

  • Who are we and what we do?

Tactical Logistic Solutions is an end-to-end provider of supply chain logistics – from your overseas manufacturing location via air, sea, land – to our warehouse, yours, or anywhere you choose. We handle the shipment’s entire journey. You deal with only one strategic partner: us. We do the rest. We do this efficiently, effectively, on-time, on a budget…every time.

  • What sets us apart from other freight forwarders?

We handle the end-to-end from import to drayage, 3PL warehousing, scheduling appointments, and delivering to Amazons door.

Amazon Process

  • How does our Amazon FBA process work?

We take you from A-Z as an Amazon seller by arranging shipments in China, prepping, scheduling and delivering to Amazon.

Ocean Freight and Customs

  • What is Freight on Board (FOB) terms mean?

Supplier delivers to the port at his cost then freight forwarder takes over from the port to the port of discharge.

  • What is Ex Works (EXW)?

Supplier makes the product available at his location, and the buyer must cover all costs and arrangements related to the shipping of goods at origin.

  • What is Delivered Duties Paid (DDP)?

Supplier in charge of all costs associated while transporting goods until the buyer receives the goods. Supplier handles everything from payment, to shipping costs, to insurance, to import, and export.

  • What is Delivered Duties Unpaid (DDU)?

Customer has to settle duties unpaid with customs before shipment can be released and have it delivered.

  • What is Customs Bond Insurance?

A requirement to import into the US to ensure you get paid delivered duties unpaid (DDU).

  • What is Cargo Insurance?

Shippers request cargo insurance to protect their goods from loss, damage, or theft while in transit. A small fee may apply.

  • What is an Importer Security Filing Bond (ISF)?

Done by our supplier, provided to our agent. Good for one shipment and must be purchased for every entry you make.

  • What is a Single Entry Bond (SEB)?

Guarantees duties and fees are paid to customs when goods are shipped to the US.

  • What is a Continuous Customs Bond?

Has a term of one year (12 months) and includes the ISF and SEB.

  • What is Power of Attorney (POA)?

Customer approves the booking and allows a customs broker to process Customs clearance on your behalf.

  • Why do I need a Commercial Invoice and Packing Slip

5 days before arrival, your shipments need to be accompanied by a completed commercial invoice and packing slip to ensure your shipment clears customs when it arrives.

  • What is an Automated Manifest System (AMS)?

System used by customs that track what cargo is coming in with each shipment. Must be completed 5 days before shipment sails and gate in 2 days before departure.


  • When should you use UPS labels?

It is more cost-effective to use UPS when you have small shipments from Amazon that are 5-15 boxes.

  • How does consolidation work?

Our agent combines individual goods from different shippers into one shipment and delivers goods to the destination port.

Prep, Schedule, Shipments, and Deliveries

  • How long does it take us to deliver from port to door?

On average, containers take 2-3 days to become available at the port. Once available, an appointment is required to pick up the shipment. We take the first available appointment and deliver it right away. It can take 2-4 days to get a pickup appointment at some terminals. Fast boat shipments from China take 24-48 hours to become available and once available no appointment needed, and we can pick up right away.

  • How long does an FCL shipment take to deliver?

On average, 3-4 days to deliver from the time the shipment becomes available for pickup until it leaves the port.

  • How long does an LCL shipment take to deliver?

On average, 7 days to deliver. 3-4 days longer than FCL.

  • How to prep a container floor-loaded or palletized for a direct delivery to Amazon?

Amazon indicates the best way to load a container is palletizing it and labeling it with 4 pallet labels. You can double stack or have it up to 72” high as per Amazon’s requirements as you would truck any LTL or TL to Amazon FBA. To ensure your floor loaded containers are not rejected by Amazon, make sure they are not oversized boxes or over 50lb. Also, make sure to follow the guidelines below:

All shipments should be properly secured using load bars/straps. It is the shipper’s and the carrier’s responsibility to ensure that shipments are loaded into a trailer in a manner that prevents the load from shifting during transit.

When using Intermodal transportation (COFC), always use a load strap, never a load bar to secure loads. Floor-loaded freight should only be loaded into containers that are at least 243.84 cm tall and make sure that the overall height of the carton stack allows 3 inches of clearance from the top of the stack to the roof of the container. Ensure that all boxes (regardless of weight) comply with clamp truck instructions.

  • How to schedule a direct delivery to Amazon FBA?

When your container arrives to the Los Angeles Port in California, Tactical will work on an appointment to deliver your container to Amazon FBA. After the container gets discharged (2-3 days after arrival) we will pick it up and deliver to Amazon. Then, you can watch your product go LIVE on Amazon headache-free without any hands-on involvement from you.

  • How to deliver your Amazon shipment to Tactical warehouse, prep, store, and FBA deliver?

Tactical will give you a portal to sign up to create an inbound order. You will need to provide the following information:

  • (i) Container number
  • (ii) Container ETA
  • (iii) Container size 20 or 40 or 45
  • (iv) Cartons need to be labeled
  • (v) Any special notes we should be aware of

After you add the information about your container, we will need carton information to make sure we have everything documented and we can ship your goods accurately.

  • (i) Fill in the SKU names that are printed on the cartons
  • (ii) Total cartons per SKU
  • (iii) Dimensions / it will calculate automatically how many pallets you have
  • (iv) Cartons to ship to Amazon if you are not shipping all at the same time
  • (v) Notes if you have any

After submitting your order, you will see an upload button. Click it and you can upload your cartons labels and pallet labels and we will ask you for FBA ID and Amazon reference ID for Tactical to schedule deliveries with Amazon.

  • How to deliver from Tactical warehouse to Amazon warehouse?

  • (i) Log in to work management system (WMS) and go to Outbound shipment.
  • (ii) Choose a ship date and then click on Choose a SKU
  • (iii) Select the pallet you want (or, if you want less than a pallet just write in how many cartons you want to ship) then hit Submit
  • (iv) After submitting your order, you will see an Upload button. Click it and you can upload your carton labels and pallet labels and we will ask for your FBA ID and Amazon reference ID so Tactical can schedule deliveries with Amazon.
  • (v) After creating your outbound shipment, you will be prompted to a summary page. Here you can input your Amazon Reference ID so that we can schedule pickup with one of our truckers. If you want your own trucking service than you can select “I will send a third-party shipper”. From there you can input the details of your own trucking service.
  • (vi) If you are shipping with Tactical’s truckers, you will be prompted to upload any labels we may need to finalize your shipment.