As a full-service supply chain provider, Tactical Logistic Solutions expertly handles every aspect of the logistics and shipping process – from the factory floor to the customer’s door. And now, we have designed a service for Amazon sellers that makes getting their products from overseas into Amazon FBA faster than ever.

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The first step in our Fast-Track to Amazon service is connecting us with your supplier. From there on, we’ll get the details of your shipment, and arrange the beginning of it’s journey to Amazon FBA.

Next, in the process, is the freight forwarding stage. Whether you need air, ocean or both, we’ll handle every phase of your shipment’s freight. Our team’s thorough knowledge of documentation requirements, shipping laws, and trading practices will ease the exporting process for you. We know finding reliable transportation is key to a successful shipment. That’s why we work with major ocean and airline carriers and are dedicated to finding the best rates to save you money. 

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customs dealing with amazon shipment

Our qualified team of customs brokers deals with international regulations, import and export laws, and officials, so you don’t have to. We’ll handle the entire customs clearance process to ensure that your shipment gets to its final destination quickly and efficiently.

Once your shipment finally arrives to our LA/LB Port, our customs brokers will deal with any additional inspections. Then, we arrange for one of our truckers to load your container(s) onto a trailer and take it to the next destination.

container with amazon shipment

You are not restricted to only sending a shipment into our LA port. Our container drayage process allows for pick-ups at your preferred port, border point or terminal. No matter the pick-up point, our team is committed to scheduling fast pick up and delivery to our warehouse.

As soon as your container(s) arrives at our warehouse, our team carefully unloads your cargo and prepares it for storage. We also take care of customized packaging for all your products to save you even more time. From there, we’ll prep your shipment for Amazon’s warehouse with proper labeling, palletizing, and floor-loading methods, to ensure it does not get rejected once it arrives at Amazon’s terminal.

our warehouse for amazon sellers

When you are finally ready to send your products into one of Amazon’s fulfillment centers, our Amazon specialists will manage all FBA appointments. Our network gives us the advantage of securing the best appointment slots. So, you can replenish your inventory as quickly as you need to. Then, we’ll arrange for our trucking providers to deliver your products on time and with care, every time.

As sellers ourselves, we couldn’t find a solution for seamless delivery directly to Amazon. So, we came up with our own. Since then, we have perfected our strategy and kept our customers happy. We’ve achieved this by ensuring that our entire China to Amazon process takes up to 19-21 days. 

Up to 21 days guaranteed.