Amazon just bought Digital Customs Broker, INLT. What does this mean for sellers?

Amazon has officially bought INLT, a startup that helps sellers import from overseas with a digital broker. INLT makes cloud-based software to manage costs and logistics for cross-border shipments.

As first reported by Reuters, the deal will allow Amazon to better help sellers import goods into the U.S. Although this seems like an easy win for FBA sellers, it just might be the opposite.

There have been growing tensions among top sellers getting their products directly duped and stolen by Amazon’s own private label. Which poses the question, how do sellers know they can whole-heatedly trust Amazon to be their digital broker?

Amazon’s involvement as a digital customs broker may give them the leverage to further one-up third party sellers on the e-commerce marketplace. Amazon will have access to merchandise sources, suppliers and other important details sellers may want to keep private. Which, could possible be a con for private label sellers.

However, terms of the deal have not been disclosed. For now, there is no way to know how Amazon will use this new software.

Do you consider the new deal with INLT a win or loss for sellers?


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