Once upon a time, we were Amazon sellers.
We don’t sell on Amazon any more but we made mistakes and we learned from them.


We discovered the immense complexity of the logistics involved and we examined this in detail.

We learned that our bottom line was critically dependent on the success of our supply chain and were forever concerned about lead times, stock levels, warehousing costs, and the hundreds of little details that threatened our profit margin.

We set up Tactical Logistic Solutions to put all we learned from selling on Amazon into a single, end-to-end logistics company that would help Amazon sellers of all kinds and of all scales.

From the single-product craftsperson to the multi-million dollar revenue multi-category giant, we put all we have learned into making lives easier, into getting products into Amazon warehouses quicker than anyone could.

We are a proud and happy part of the Amazon sellers community. We talk to our customers every day, we meet whenever we can, and we enjoy social events together. We share the struggles and celebrate the victories of our growing list of clients.

When we were sellers, we chose our products carefully and staked our time and our money on creating a stock list that we knew our customers would love.

Every time a box left the factory and made its way to a customer, what looked like a cardboard box filled with stuff was actually one small part of our lives. It represented the sleepless nights and the tough time we had to balance the books. Every box helped us feed our families and keep a roof over our heads.

When we set up Tactical Logistic Solutions,
we promised we would never take this for granted.

So now, every time we see every single box in any of our warehouses, we see it as a container for the livelihood of a member of this wonderful community. And every single one of us at Tactical treats it as if it were our own, making sure it reaches its destination on time and in great shape.

Delivering our customers livelihood