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Streamline Your Amazon Returns with Tactical Logistic Solutions!

Intuitive FBA Reverse Logistic Services

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Removal Orders

Effortlessly handle your FBA removal orders with our integrated service. We make returns and stock rotation simple and efficient!

Streamline Amazon Returns || Tactical Logistic Solutions

Amazon Returns

 Tactical Logistics elevates your Amazon returns processing with our seamless system ensuring quick, hassle-free returns management for your FBA business.

Liquidation Options || Tactical Logistic Solutions


Maximize your returns with our liquidation options. We provide strategic solutions to prevent profit lss &  recover value from excess or returned inventory.

Disposal or Donations || Tactical Logistic Solutions

Disposal or Donations

Choose eco-friendly disposal or meaningful donations for your unsellable inventory. We manage the entire process, aligning with your brand values.

Key Benefits of Our FBA Logistics Solutions

Single Source for Logistics

No need for additional 3PL or trucking quotes for returns or removal orders All single point sourced for convenience and efficiency.

Easy Amazon Integration

Clear connection to your seller central account for efficient form of management, to be a seamless extension of your FBA operations.

Time is

Cost-effective solutions with hourly charges, not per unit. Time is our most valued resource. We reduce expenses and save time in managing your returns.

Expert Handling & Reliability

Trust the

Trust us to manage returns with the same expertise and care. We once were sellers, and we still are in the same industry. Our business is your business.

Understanding Your Challenges

At Tactical Logistic Solutions, we've been where you are. We know the complexities of handling FBA returns and removals. Our team empathizes with the stress of managing unsold or returned products. We're committed to offering a service that's not just about logistics, to us it's about understanding so we can better assist your needs.

Understanding Your Challenges || Tactical Logistic Solutions
Simplify Reverse Logistics || Tactical Logistic Solutions

Our Journey to Simplify Reverse Logistics

Our journey began with a simple vision: to make reverse logistics as easy and stress-free as possible for FBA sellers.Using ever updating models to adapt with Amazon's logistics to, over time, refine our expertise and develop a seamless integration with Amazon to take the burden off your shoulders.

Tailoring Solutions for Each Client

We've helped countless FBA sellers turn logistical challenges into opportunities. From efficiently managing returns to finding value in liquidation, our clients have seen tangible benefits when it comes to our Reverse Logistic Services. Their stories of reduced stress and increased efficiency inspire us to continually improve and innovate.

Tailoring Solutions || Tactical Logistic Solutions

Our Approach to Reverse Logistics

Tactical Logistic Solutions focuses on innovative and empathetic solutions. We understand that each return or unsold item has a story and a potential impact on your business. Our pioneering approach is not just about logistics; it's about aligning our services with your aspirations. we’re here to transform challenges into strategic advantages, keeping you ahead in the dynamic world of FBA.

Frequently Asked Questions

We connect directly with your seller central account, allowing seamless management of returns and removal orders.

Our liquidation services aim to recover maximum value from excess or returned inventory, aligning with your financial goals.

We offer cost-effective hourly rates, a more economical choice compared to per-unit charges, saving you money in the long run.

Absolutely. We manage eco-friendly disposals and donations, ensuring your unsellable inventory is handled responsibly and in alignment with your brand values.

Our empathetic approach, combined with expertise in FBA logistics, ensures that your returns are handled efficiently, saving you time and stress.