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The Perfect Drayage Solution

FCL Drayage || Tactical Logistic Solutions


Complete care for your full loads. Our Full Container Load (FCL) drayage service ensures your entire container is transported efficiently from port to destination, with the utmost attention to safety and timeliness.



Tailored for smaller shipments. Less Than Container Load (LCL) drayage is perfect for your partial loads, providing a cost-effective and efficient solution for transporting smaller quantities without delay.

Overweight Container Drayage || Tactical Logistic Solutions

Overweight Container Drayage

We specialize in heavy-duty expertise. Our specialized service for overweight containers guarantees that your heaviest loads are moved with the highest standards of safety and compliance in mind.

Air Freight Pick-up || Tactical Logistic Solutions

Air Freight
Pick Up​

Swiftly from sky to road. Our air freight pick-up service ensures a quick and seamless transition of your cargo from air transit to ground transportation, speeding up your supply chain process tremendously. 

Amazon FBA Freight Forwarding Tactical

Direct Delivery From Port to Amazon FBA

Streamlined for your Amazon success. We provide direct drayage services from the port straight to Amazon FBA centers, we guarantee your products are quickly stocked and ready for your customers.

Benefit From Our Drayage Expertise

Quick Pick-Up from Any Port

Experience the speed! Get your cargo moving quickly with our fast pick-up services from any port, avoiding delays.

Same Day Live Unloads

Optimize efficiency with our same-day live unload service for swift shipments and a smooth supply chain.

Integrate with Amazon FBA

Simplify port-to-Amazon FBA delivery with our drayage service, ensuring seamless integration and stock management.

Overweight Expertise

No load too heavy! We handle heavy loads expertly, ensuring safety and compliance for your overweight container shipments.

Tailored Drayage || Tactical Logistic Solutions

Tailored Drayage for Every Load

Whether it's a bustling Full-Container-Load (FCL) or a crucial Less-than-Container Load (LCL), we're here to ensure your cargo's journey is smooth and secure. At Tactical Logistic Solutions, we treat every shipment like our own, focusing on safe, efficient transport that supports your business's growth. With us, your goods are more than cargo; they're vital parts of your story and success.

Swift and Secured Delivery

Handling overweight containers? Consider it done. Our team excels in moving your heavier loads with speed and safety at the forefront. Every step adheres to strict regulations, ensuring your peace of mind. Trust us for quick, secure FCL and LCL deliveries that keep your business on track.

Overweight Container Drayage || Tactical Logistic Solutions
Air Freight Experience || Tactical Logistic Solutions

Elevating Your Air Freight Experience

Experience the ease of our air freight pick-up service. We're all about swift, smooth coordination, ensuring your shipments are quickly on route to their next stop. Hassle-free and dependable - that's how we keep your air cargo moving.

Smooth Sailing to Amazon FBA

Take your Amazon FBA strategy up a notch with our direct delivery from port to Amazon. Quick, reliable, and designed for efficiency, we ensure your products are not just delivered, but ready to sell. We were once sellers. Count on us to care for your stock every step of the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Drayage refers to the transport of goods over a short distance, often as part of a longer logistics chain. Usually by shifting cargo from one mode of transport to another.

Here at Tactical Logistic Solutions, we provide professional drayage services that are seamlessly integrated into your supply chain, ensuring that your product is handled with skill and care.

For FCL shipments, we offer comprehensive drayage services such as pickup from ports, following up with transportation to the final destination, with a caring eye for coordination, and warehousing where and when needed. 

We here at Tactical Logistic Solution’s, ensure that your full containers will be distributed and housed, efficiently and safely.

Our LCL drayage services include consolidating shipments at the port, managing the transport to our warehouse for deconsolidation, and delivering the goods to their final destinations. We ensure that even the smallest shipments are handled with the same attention as larger ones.

Yes, we are equipped to handle overweight containers. We have the necessary permits, equipment, and expertise to transport overweight containers in compliance with local and federal regulations.

We absolutely do. We provide drayage services for air freight, including pickup from airports and delivery to the next step in your logistics chain, whether that’s a warehouse, distribution center, or direct to the customer, we’ve got you covered.

We specialize in delivering containers directly from the port to Amazon FBA centers. Our team is familiar and always up-to-date with Amazon’s requirements and ensures that deliveries are compliant with their guidelines to avoid any delays or additional fees.

We offer quick pickup from any port, often on the same day that the cargo is cleared. Our goal is to minimize wait times and expedite the delivery process.

Yes, we can arrange for same-day live unloads at your final destination. Our extensive network and efficient scheduling allow us to provide this service, ensuring your cargo is delivered and unloaded on time.