Fee-free 3PL storage for new customers, now through March 31st!

Fee-free 3PL storage for new customers, now through March 31st!

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Fee-free 3PL storage for new customers, now through March 31st!

Reserve my spot!


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Speed. Reliability. On-time delivery.

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These are the hallmarks of air freight and we harness this mode of transport when short lead times are of absolute importance.

Our comprehensive global air services and our streamlined air freight processes have been developed for the fastest point-to point delivery and  built-in resilience.


State-of-the-art systems for real-time tracking.

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With offices in Asia for boots on the ground and relationships with all major carriers for a presence across the oceans, Tactical’s Ocean Freight service is designed for smooth, stress-free delivery around the globe.

From part-load to full-load, with or without the need for customs clearance, we deliver the most comprehensive ocean freight service.


One network to rule them all.

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With our innovative tracking tools and with our network of highly-qualified trucking partners in every region we operate, Tactical Logistic Solutions delivers your cargo safely to any destination – on all domestic and international shipments.


The golden thread.

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Using strategic planning, such as coordinating overnight pickups, our drayage service cuts costs and dodges time consuming obstacles. Our fleet of trucks are equipped with advanced handling equipment, facilitating swift pickup and delivery at regional ports, border points or terminals.


Impeccable focus.

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Thanks to our team’s meticulous attention to detail, your freight avoids an extended stay at the docks, unloading for a brief, straightforward stopover on its way to you.

We manage the entire process on your behalf, from paperwork to port fees. By triple-checking that all imports are classified correctly and that all forms are in order, we ensure your shipment clears customs quickly – and at the lowest possible rate.


Practical. Precise.

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Our warehousing facilities in NJ and CA are located in the busiest and most centralized port regions. What this means for you is practical warehousing and rack storage space solutions so we can accommodate your short-term, seasonal, or fluctuating space requirements.

Say hello to speedier cycle times, precise monitoring and fine control over inventory levels at any time.

Our advanced warehouse management software utilizes a bar-code scanning system for enhanced tracking technology and instant access to important product information.

Value added services include product labeling, marking, bundling, repacking, shrink wrapping, blister packaging, SKU/UPC verification the list goes on.


Tactical brings peace of mind with warehouse-to-warehouse all-risk cargo insurance.

Did you know that carriers aren’t liable for the full value of merchandise that is lost or damaged? Carrier liability is capped at $500 per container for ocean shipments or $0.50/lb. for trucking. It can also be difficult to trace where the damage occurred and prove which party is liable for it.

Without cargo insurance, a loss could be catastrophic for your business. Let our customized cargo insurance policy provide broad all-risk coverage for you.