From Warehouse to Full Service

June 2019

By Maria Guerrero

Introducing Tactical Logistic Solutions

We started as a simple warehouse. We now pride ourselves as an end-to-end provider of global logistics and supply chain management.

Tactical Logistic Solutions started in 2012 with the ambition of our CEO, Abraham Ausch. Having worked as the SVP of a leading apparel and accessory distribution company, he utilized his knowledge in supply chain and logistics management to open up a 3PL warehouse of his own in New Jersey.

Since then, he has expanded Tactical into the West Coast, giving the company the advantage of being located in the two busiest and most centralized port locations in North America.

Expansion into the Amazon end-end business model

Fast forward to 2017, our VP of Sales and Marketing, Ephraim Ausch saw the importance of modernizing our logistics services.

Being a successful Amazon seller himself, he understood that there was a market need for a way to deliver goods at almost instantaneous speeds, but there were still some problems with how he was getting his product into Amazon.

Ephraim noticed that Amazon had very specific labeling and shipping rules for getting product into their fulfillment center—and if he risked getting it wrong even once—a whole lot of time and money would be wasted.

That is why he took the initiative to find a solution for the problems he faced as a seller and set out to reshape Tactical by developing a full Fast-Track to Amazon service.

Designed to give sellers the advantage of getting their product into Amazon’s fulfillment center faster, by cutting out the middlemen, and still being more efficient and cost-effective compared to traditional means.

After all, today’s e-commerce model requires an ability to sell through Amazon. We make that possible.

So what separates us from the rest?

We have seen the evolution of Amazon’s seller program. We have gone through the trial-and-error. We have perfected the strategy. Now, our main goal is to remove the frustration of dealing with multiple vendors, so that our customers can focus on building their Amazon business.

Beyond Freight Forwarding 

We will handle all your product needs. From freight forwarding to customs clearance and all the steps in between. Then, we will personally schedule Amazon appointments for your shipments.

Packaging Solutions Done Right

Tactical makes sure that your shipment’s entire journey is handled with care, accuracy and due diligence. And if you choose, we have value-added services that cut costs by letting us handle the packaging the way you want. 

Fastest Inventory Replenshment Turnaround from Overseas

Need to replenish your products ASAP? Our long-established relationship with Amazon gives us the advantage of getting your shipments into their FBA center faster than conventional means. 

 Use a warehouse other than Amazon in order to save money on storage fees. At Tactical, we’ll only charge you $15 a month to store your inventory and there are no added fees for leaving your inventory in long-term storage.